A Life Well Lived


March 1, 2013 by Stephen

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery – 28 February 2013

Yesterday  I had the opportunity to attend the interment service at Arlington National Cemetery for one of our church members that passed away in December. Jesse was a Navy pilot who served 30 years of active duty with many accomplishments. He retired at the rank of Captain. Jesse was also active in Scouting leadership. But I didn’t know the details surrounding that part of his life. I knew Jesse as a dedicated church leader and as a loving and caring  husband, father, and grandfather. Jesse was a good man who lived a good life. He will be missed.

The service yesterday was moving and powerful. It was the first time I’ve been able to attend a service at Arlington National Cemetery. Jesse was buried with full military funeral honors. After Jesse was transferred from the hearse to the caisson (pictured above), we were able to walk behind the caisson during the funeral procession to the grave site. Our pastor led the graveside service. The whole service from the transfer point to the formal folding and presentation of the flag was solemn and dignified, and a fitting way to lay to rest a man who enjoyed a life well lived. Jesse will be missed, just as others from our church who have been buried at Arlington National Cemetery will be missed.

As I think and reflect on yesterday’s service and about the other men I know who are buried at Arlington National Cemetery, I cannot help but think of the question, “Am I living in such a way that it could be said at my funeral that I had ‘a life well lived’?”

What does ‘a live well lived’ look like?

One thought on “A Life Well Lived

  1. Josh Hayden says:

    Great post Stephen. And a fitting question that we should all be asking ourselves!

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