Football Is Coming!

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July 25, 2006 by Stephen

Football season is almost upon us! Pro training camps are opening up all across the country and excitement is in the air! Radio commentators are breaking down the pro divisions and the college conferences to see who is going to reign supreme this year. And, if you are from Texas, high school football is gearing up. You have 2-a-days, scrimmages, and in just a few short weeks, Week 0 arrives and the season begins! Everyone starts at 0-0 and believes that this is the year! Can you beat that kind of hope and optimism!?!

One of the things I miss most about Texas is high school football. Friday nights during the Fall become the central focal point of towns and communities all across the state. You have the football players, the band, the cheerleaders, the drill/dance team, and the parents/friends/community members all converging together to root for the home team. From the smallest six-man communities to the largest 5A schools in the DFW and Houston areas, football is something that brings the community together!

Football’s approach always reminds me of the new beginnings that Fall brings. We often think of Fall as when the leaves fall off the trees and nature prepares for Winter, and Spring as the time of new birth and new beginnings. But Fall, signaled by the start of football practice, ushers in the new school year. And what could be a better time for a new beginning!?! As the summer winds down to it’s last few weeks, I look forward to the excitement of a new beginning that the Fall always brings!

So to all my football teams I say GO! FIGHT! WIN!

GO (Georgetown High School) Eagles!
GO (Texas A&M) Aggies!
GO (Dallas) Cowboys!

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