Super Bowl Ads

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February 15, 2007 by Stephen

Our world has become too politically correct. Masterfoods USA has to pull what was one of the funniest Super Bowl advertisements because some gay organizations found it offensive. As a lover of Snickers bars, what I found most offensive was that the second mechanic felt it was okay to eat the candy. My wife can’t even get away with that one. Don’t eat my Snickers!

Other ads from the Super Bowl have come under attack as well, including the Nationwide ad featuring Kevin Federline. The National Restaurant Association criticized it for a “demeaning” portrayal of restaurant workers. Give me a break! USA Today featured an article that addressed the subject of interest groups complaining about ads. The last three paragraphs are telling:

Yet, when marketers back down, it creates a “very dangerous” environment for the ad industry, says Drew Neisser, CEO of the Renegade Marketing Group.

“The recent withdrawals will embolden every interest group to push their agenda and complain about any ad that doesn’t jibe with their mission,” he says.

“To create ads that offend no one is a fruitless endeavor,” Neisser says. “To cut through, there must be an element of surprise … that someone, somewhere, might not like.”

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