March Madness Mourning


March 23, 2007 by Stephen

Well, the dream is over! Texas A&M’s basketball season is finished as the Aggies lose in the Sweet Sixteen by 1 point to Memphis. In not taking care of the fundamentals (missing a lay-up and giving up 4 offensive rebounds in the last minute), the Aggies find their season coming to a premature end. But it has been a great basketball year for a “football school.” Hopefully this is a harbinger of where the basketball program is headed!
I will now turn to rooting for the remaining underdogs of March! Go UNLV, Butler, and Memphis (since no one gives them any respect, I’ll call them an underdog)!

3 thoughts on “March Madness Mourning

  1. Josh says:

    and i too am in mourning over the Tarheels…i can’t believe they just shut down at the end of the game against G-town. uh, i had taped the game b/c i had youth Sunday night…and i wanted to throw something at the tv. i knew when they went into overtime it was going to be trouble. i think the heels missed 22 of their last 23 shots. kind of hard to do anything if you miss all of your shots…

    oh well. there went all my brackets…

  2. Stephen says:

    I had 3 of the 4 Final Four teams, but alas, I picked A&M to win it all!

    At least the state of NC can rejoice in Barton College’s huge D-II national championship win Saturday (see Randa and I caught the last few minutes of that game and the last minute was incredible! Ten points in 39 seconds from Anthony Atkinson to defeat a team that had won a D-II record 57 games in a row! Awesome!

  3. Tom says:

    I am glad one faithful of Aggie nation is in morning. They busted my bracket as well. I think you called it right though…offensive rebounds and a blown layup (by the best player). I hope there is next year as well.

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