Lenten Promise Update #6 – Maundy Thursday


April 6, 2007 by Stephen

I am happy to report that I have been able to keep my Lenten promise of not eating fast food during Lent. It has been strange not stepping inside a McDonald’s or Wendy’s since Ash Wednesday. I wonder if the manager at my favorite McDonald’s has noticed my absence. If so, the next time I am there will give me a great opportunity to share my experiences with others. I have grown spiritually as a result of this experience. I feel like I have slowed down and tried consciously to take in the meaning of Lent. Holy Week has been a great finish to this expereince for me. From Palm Sunday to today, Good Friday, I have felt more aware of the journey Christ took to the cross those many years ago.
Last night, our church had our Maundy Thursday service. It was a beautiful service in the respect that it provided a great opportunity for reflection on Christ and his sacrifice and sufferings. The service was full of scripture, hymns, reflection times, and beautiful imagery and symbolism. We ended the service by taking communion in the light of a single candle representing Christ. After taking the bread and dipping it in the cup and eating it, we took a candle and lit it from the single candle, thus transforming the dark room into one full of light, just as Christ is the Light of the world. After singing a final hymn, we departed in silence. It was a moving and powerful experience.
As we look toward Resurrection Sunday with anticipation, I am always moved by how feeble it is to try to explain and express our understanding of the love of God found in Christ. Mere words are too inadequate to be able to express what we feel. But I am compelled to express my thanks and though I cannot find the words, God hears them anyway.

2 thoughts on “Lenten Promise Update #6 – Maundy Thursday

  1. Josh says:

    sounds like a wonderful service Stephen. it’s been cool to read about your Lenten experiences, it has helped to keep me faithful in my own commitments and to make sure to take some time for reflection. thanks for sharing your thoughts over the last few weeks. i hope that you have a great weekend and wonderful Easter…


  2. Stephen says:

    Thanks Josh!

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