Making Hard Decisions


October 9, 2007 by Stephen

I’m from Texas. I like football. That should help you understand why this article caught my eye. Unless you’ve experienced the religion that is Texas High School Football, you can’t fully appreciate and understand how hard the decision must have been for Coach Demo Odems to forfeit two games (last Friday and this Friday) and determine the remainder of the football season for the Johnston (Austin) Rams on a week-to-week basis. But, as the article points out, the coach made the right decision. He put the safety of his players first.

How do we make hard decisions? Do we do what we know is right and best? Or, do we worry about what others might think, about upsetting tradition, or about our own selfish needs/wants/desires? Coach Odems is taking a big risk in alienating his players, parents, school officials, and the community in general by deciding not to play football. While the loss of football and all the good that goes with it is devastating, having kids get hurt for no good reason is just not acceptable. Coach Odems is teaching his players and others a valuable lesson in decision making. It is one that will not be appreciated right now by many, but as time passes will be recognized for being the correct decision.

May we be free and courageous enough to make hard, correct decisions.

One thought on “Making Hard Decisions

  1. Tom says:

    i echo your prayer at the end of your post Stephen

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