Ash Wednesday

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February 6, 2008 by Stephen

Tonight our church held our Ash Wednesday service. Our children (1st-6th graders) participated in part of the service. They entered and led the congregation in a Taize song, “Come and Fill Our Hearts.” We then received the ashes before leaving to have our own special Ash Wednesday study. Last year I led the children in a special Lenten study. As we reviewed Ash Wednesday tonight I was impressed with the children’s memory about many of the things concerning Ash Wednesday and Lent. It was very encouraging! We talked again about making a Lenten promise and I gave them Lenten calendars to take home to use as reminders about their promises. My Lenten promise this year is to not watch sports on television during Lent. It’s going to be hard, but it will be great for my family and for my relationship with Randa (as a matter of disclosure, this was one of her suggestions and after reflecting on what to give up I chose sports watching because it would require the most sacrifice). I’m also planning to work through a devotional book during Lent called, “40-Day Journey with Dietrich Bonhoeffer.” Randa is going to work through “40-Day Journey with Joan Chittister.” Should be a great time of remembrance, reflection, and repentance.

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