I Saw a Glimpse of Heaven Yesterday

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February 25, 2008 by Stephen

…or maybe heard a glimpse of heaven is more appropriate. Yesterday our church celebrated a joint worship service with the Northern Virginia Chinese Baptist Church. The NVCBC started out as a mission church of Westwood and reached full church status in 2005. Sunday was their last time to meet in our facilities. They are moving to the Fairfax area and will meet in two locations for their various ministries – an elementary school and another church. This move, as one of their members shared Sunday, will be bittersweet, but it will allow for growth to occur in both congregations. Both congregations seem excited about the possibilities the future holds.
During the service, we did two things that painted a picture for me of heaven: we said the Lord’s Prayer together and we took communion together. To hear the Lord’s Prayer spoken by hundreds of people in Chinese and English (and who knows what other languages) was an awesome and powerful experience. The rhythm of the voices reciting the words of the prayer simultaneously was both wonderful and awe-inspiring. To see two different churches cooperating in the serving of communion really helped to see a glimpse of what heaven will look like and be like – all God’s people worshipping him no matter the differences in race, gender, age, or language. It was a good day to be in the house of the Lord!

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