Lent Update – Week 3


March 3, 2008 by Stephen

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This past week was the hardest week for me in keeping my Lenten promise to not watch sports on TV. My parents were in town last week to celebrate Annie’s sixth birthday. One thing my dad and I like to do together is watch sports on TV. We didn’t do that last week. Saturday was the hardest day for me. For the first time since Lent began, I was home for most of the day on Saturday. As college basketball draws toward the conclusion of the regular season, there were several good games on TV. I missed seeing Coach K get his 800th win and Texas get upset by Texas Tech! But, each time I flipped through the channels Saturday afternoon and saw some sport on TV, I quickly flipped away and was reminded of my promise to focus my thoughts toward God. I also decided that it would be better to do something with the girls than to watch TV, so we worked on some craft projects and played some games that Annie received at her birthday party earlier Saturday morning. And then I took a long nap. It was nice to be able to do that!
The children at church who are keeping promises seem to be doing well. Some have already completed some of the actions they promised to take during Lent and have moved on to other promises. Hearing their stories and experiencing their energy is very encouraging!

One thought on “Lent Update – Week 3

  1. Josh says:


    sounds like Lent stuff is going well and hitting in the right places. i half expected to hear from you, when BC was beating up on UNC on Saturday, but remembered that you weren’t watching sports. (UNC came back an won…woo-hoo!) it is cool that you are using that time to do cool stuff with your girls…

    i hope you are well man, hope to see you for a bit at the n-star meeting.

    peace man!

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