Lent Update – Week 4

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March 10, 2008 by Stephen

Slabbinck Church Tapestries – Passion

This week went pretty well. I’ve been able to keep my promise not to watch sports on television fairly easily so far. Difficult weeks are ahead, however. This week is “Championship Week” in college basketball, the week when most conference tournaments take place. After this, comes Selection Sunday and the revealing of the tournament bracket. Then, during Holy Week, March Madness kicks into full force with the First and Second Rounds of the tournament being played. These next two weeks are the weeks that I’ve been dreading because I already know how much I am going to want to break my promise. I am confident I can keep my promise because of three things: 1)the encouragement I’m receiving from Randa, 2)the accountability I’m receiving from the children, youth, and friends, and 3)because of the Become More… theme from the PlanetWisdom Student Conference this past weekend. I’m seeing this Lenten promise as part of my lifestyle of surrender of my heart (as the clay) to God (as the potter).

The children and youth are continuing to inspire me during this time of Lent. The ones that are keeping promises are doing well and are really being touched by God in the process. It’s exciting to see and hear others share about their experiences with God!

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