Are you a bigger loser than Marko? Week 6 Recap

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March 17, 2008 by Stephen

We’re at the halfway mark of the contest! I lost 2 pounds this past week, bringing me to 228 pounds. Not bad, but it was only half of what I wanted to lose. I slacked off too much this past week – not enough walking, too much eating out (and too many sweets), and not drinking enough water. I plan to get back on track this week, so I’m setting my goal for this week to lose 4 pounds. I’m happy that I’m losing weight each week. I feel better than I have felt in a long time. I even managed to win a game of basketball knockout against the youth last night! Randa bested me this week by losing three pounds – way to go, Babe!

Marko is tearing it up! He was in 2nd place among the men last week. He lost a little over three pounds this past week, so he’s ahead of me by about 12-13 pounds. Since we started at about the same weight, it’s not looking good for me as far as beating him. But, you never know! I’m just glad I am losing weight. I’m also encouraged by my progress and I am pretty sure that I will make my goal of getting to 215 by the end of the contest! That would be awesome and victory for me!
TRACKER: Starting Weight 251, Current Weight 228, Contest Goal 215, Ultimate Goal 185

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