Are you a bigger loser than Marko? Week 7 Recap

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March 24, 2008 by Stephen

Week 7 was my worst week so far in the contest. In retrospect, I knew this kind of week was coming. I only lost one pound this week. I knew things would get tougher as we progressed, but the reality of small losses (or no losses) hadn’t hit me until this morning. I have to keep reminding myself that I am doing this not so much to win or even beat Marko (although that would be nice), but to make long-term lifestyle changes with the way I eat and exercise. Small losses and no gains are still making progress toward that life-changing goal and that’s what is important.

I ate fairly well last week. What let me down (again) was not drinking enough water and not exercising consistently. I blame part of that on it being Spring Break week, but part has to be blamed on just plain laziness. I’ll have to buckle down if I want to reach my weight loss goal for the contest. I’m 12 pounds away from my contest goal, with 5 weeks remaining. I can reach my goal! With that in mind, here are my goals for the remainder of the contest. I hope to lose three pounds in each of the next two weeks and two pounds in each of the last three weeks. That would put me squarely on my goal of losing 36 pounds! Here we go!
TRACKER: Starting Weight 251, Current Weight 227, Contest Goal 215, Ultimate Goal 185

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