Nats Update – Part Three

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June 10, 2009 by Stephen

‘Mini-season’ number three is in the books (despite all the rainy weather) and things are still looking bleak for the Nationals.  They finished the third segment of the season 4-14, three games worse than the last segment and equaling their horrible first segment.  Pitching continues to be the main problem, followed closely by defense.  The offense has also cooled off some.  Put those three together and things are not looking good.  On June 6, we saw a glimpse of what could be – a well-played 7-1 victory over the Mets.  Good pitching, good defense, and clutch hitting all show the potential that awaits Nats fans.  Unfortunately, that potential is shown only rarely.  How patient can we be?

A key moment for the franchise occured yesterday.  The Nats drafted two pitchers with the number 1 and number 10 picks in the draft.  Stephen Strasburg, hyped as the best pitching prospect ever, was chosen with the number 1 pick.  The key will be signing him – after all, he is represented by Scott Boras, who is looking to set a record with this contract.  The Nats have until mid-August to get a deal done.  Who knows – by that time the Nats might have the right to select next year’s number 1 pick sewn up?  They’ve already signed their other top-ten pick, Drew Storen.  Here’s hoping he knows what he’s getting himself into.

Mini-season 1: 4-14

Mini-season 2: 7-11

Mini-season 3: 4-14

Season Total: 15-41

Projected season record: 43-119 (would be a record number of losses for a Washington team and dangerously close to the MLB record)

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