Nats Update – Part Four

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July 1, 2009 by Stephen

‘Mini-season’ number four is in the books and things are still looking bleak for the Nationals, but they did show flashes of good baseball (and hopefully, what is to come).  They finished the fourth segment of the season 6-12, two games better than the last segment.  Pitching continues to be a problem, followed closely by defense.  The offense has  problems of it’s own – namely poor clutch hitting .  Put all that together and things are not looking good.  However, the Nats did win four in a row against the Yankees and Blue Jays in the latter half of June, showing the promise of the way things could be.  Unfortunately, since that streak, the Nats have reverted back to their previous form, once again raising the question, “How patient can we be?”

The All-Star break is almost upon us.  At the half-way point, we pretty much know what kind of team we have.  However, the break provides the opportunity for a fresh start.  Here’s hoping the Nats come out and play some great baseball and give Washington fans a reason to fall in love with the team!

Mini-season 1: 4-14

Mini-season 2: 7-11

Mini-season 3: 4-14

Mini-season 4: 6-12

Season Total: 22-53

Projected season record: 48-114

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