Mother’s Day Sermon


May 18, 2011 by Stephen

I preached on Mother’s Day.  It turned out to be a hectic day.  The pastor was out of town (hence the reason why I preached) and my wife had to take care of our sick girls at home.  I don’t get to preach too often and this is the first time I’ve preached since we’ve started videotaping our services.  It’s a little unsettling seeing myself on video, but it is nice to be able to review the sermon to see what I can improve on for next time.  My goal when I preach is to make sure the message gets across without my delivery being a hindrance or distraction.  Hopefully that is the case.  I received lots of good feedback and encouragement about the service and the sermon.  Hopefully it’s not just because I so seldom preach!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Sermon

  1. Josh Hayden says:

    Great stuff Stephen. That’s cool that you guys are recording your services! The breaking of bread and communion as the path to the kingdom, and communion as the first meal of the kingdom is awesome. So good man!

    • Stephen says:

      Thanks, Josh. As I was pondering this passage in preparation for the message the themes of journey and table/breaking of bread/communion kept coming to me. After some study, specifically when I read Wright’s commentary, those ideas just solidified for me. It was good to see in print that I was thinking along the same lines as a respected scholar.

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