Prayer for Today: Visioning and Dreaming

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March 18, 2012 by Stephen

Today at church we are beginning a process of visioning and dreaming about the things God would have us do in the days to come.  We are coming out of our Bold Challenge campaign – a three-year commitment to renovate part of our facilities, including major work done to our sanctuary.  That financial commitment was paid in full by the close of 2011.  Other parts of our facilities are in need of repair, but before we embark on a new plan, we are going to take time as a church community to seek out what God’s vision for ministry is for us in the days to come.  Then we’ll see what we need to do facility-wise to make that vision a reality.  So, in light of that, here is a prayer for today:

Lord of all creation, we thank you for this day and for the many ways you have blessed us – both personally and as a community of faith.  We come before you humbly today to seek your will for Westwood and for the future ministries of our church.  May we have open hearts and minds to hear from you what our dreams and our visions for the days to come should include.  May we lay aside our own preconceived notions and may we be open to thinking broadly about our future with you.  May the start of this visioning journey with you be positive in the sense of our humility before you and our need to be dependent on you.  We thank you for this time to engage together in this important process.  May our dreams and vision be in line with your dreams and vision for us. And may what we seek to accomplish be done for you and your glory alone.  In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen!

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