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March 27, 2012 by Stephen

Our church offers a Lenten study each year during Lent.  Tonight was the last night of this year’s study.  We offered a group study (either Monday mornings or Tuesday evenings) using the book “Peter: Fisherman and Shepherd of the Church” by Stephen J. Binz.  The book is part of the Ancient-Future Bible Studies available from Brazos Press.  These studies use the Lectio Divina experience of reading and interacting with scripture.

The study was excellent.  The first week was spent discussing the process and method of Lectio Divina.  After that, we spent the remainder of the time practicing a group Lectio Divina experience.  The subsequent five weeks (concluding tonight) were spent in completing five Lectio Divina experiences individually during the week and then meeting together to discuss those and doing a sixth Lectio Divina together as a group.  My group was very open to trying this new experience.  (I was the only one who had used Lectio Divina before.)  The way that Binz laid out the chapters helped to make it a good experience.  The scriptures were taken from various books (Matthew, John, Acts, Galatians, and 1 Peter) and provided a comprehensive outlook at the life and ministry of Peter.  The commentary, questions, prayers, and instructions for contemplation were helpful in moving us from the study of the text to integrating the text into our lives.  I highly recommend this book.  My group wants to do some of the other studies, so I would say that they recommend it, too!

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