What Can We Learn from Bubba Watson?

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April 9, 2012 by Stephen

Bubba Watson won the Master’s in a thrilling playoff yesterday after a wonderful final round of drama.   Louis Oosthuizen hit a wonderful seconf shot on the par-5 2nd hole for a double-eagle (or albatros), the rarest shot made in golf.  That put him in the lead and he stayed there (thanks to clutch putting) until Watson caught him at the 16th hole.  After missed putts by both golfers that could have won the tournament on the first playoff hole, they came to the second playoff hole.  Both hit poor drives.  Oosthuizen’s second was short of the green.  Watson’s second was the shot of the tournament, a gap-wedge shot from out of the woods with an extreme hook that landed on the green and settled about ten feet from the hole.  Two putts later, Bubba Watson is the Master’s champion.

So, what can we learn from Bubba Watson?  What can we learn from the golfer who is unlike any other?  I’ve thought about all the things I observed in watching him play, hearing him interviewed, and in reading about his win, and I’ve come to a few conclusions:

1) Embrace your creativity.  Bubba Watson is not your normal golfer.  He didn’t grow up with swing coaches who micromanaged his game.  He played lots of golf and tried all kinds of shots.  He visualizes hitting great shots.  And then he tries to do that.  Embracing creativity removes the limits that we sometimes place on ourselves.

2) Believe in yourself.  Watson’s credo is, “If I have a swing, I’ve got a shot.”  Why shouldn’t we have the same kind of credo? “If I have a ____________, I’ve got a _____________.”

3) Be true to yourself.  Watson is emotional.  He cries openly.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously.  He relishs being a new father.  He is a man of faith.  He is comfortable with who he is – pink driver and all. How would our lives be different if we stopped pretending to be something we’re not or something we think we’re expected to be, and instead just enjoyed being who we are?

I’m glad Bubba Watson won the Master’s yesterday.  Here’s to hoping we all learn from him and win our own “major” in life!

And, who doesn’t love someone who can poke fun at himself?

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