April 16 – We Remember


April 16, 2012 by Stephen

They held classes at Virginia Tech today.  That might not sound like a big deal, but it is.  Today marks the 5th anniversary of the massacre that took the lives of 32 students and faculty members, the worst mass-killing on a college campus in our country’s history.  I remember the day it happened.  It really hits home for us because we know many Tech graduates and our church had students attending Tech that day in 2007.  The shooter and several victims also came from our area as well, making the incident really touch close to home.  Reading the biographies of the deceased reminds me that we really do need to embrace life each and every day.

Here’s the story from today’s Washington Post.

Here’s the ‘We Remember’ website.

One thought on “April 16 – We Remember

  1. My thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families. We should never forget events like this. May it keeps us vigilant that things like this happens and that we should do everything to prevent it from happening again. Thank you for making us aware today.

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