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April 25, 2012 by Stephen

The Washington Capitals beat the Boston Bruins 4-3 in a thrilling seven game series by winning game 7 tonight in overtime, 2-1.  All seven games were decided by 1 goal, something that had never happened before in NHL history.  Many Caps fans (to be totally honest, myself included) did not feel too good about this game.  The Caps have been disappointing in the playoffs the last few years, especially in game 7s.  But this year, after an uneven regular season that saw them undergo a coaching change and barely qualify for the playoffs, the Caps seem to have finally found a playoff style that can not only win games, but can win multiple series.  They beat a prohibitive favorite in the defending champion Bruins.  Maybe this is the year something special happens – when the talent and the hard work come together and produce a magical result.  Four wins down, twelve more to go to be Stanley Cup champions!

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