San Antonio Spurs Advance!


May 8, 2012 by Stephen

Last night the San Antonio Spurs beat the Utah Jazz 87-81 to win their Western Conference Quarterfinal series 4-0. The Spurs are my favorite NBA team.  They won their first NBA title in 1999, the year I graduated from seminary and got married. They won three others after that: in 2003, 2005, and 2007. My wife and I try to attend the Spurs-Wizards game each year when they play in D.C.  Unfortunately, due to the lock-out and shortened season, they Spurs did not play the Wizards in D.C. This was not expected to be a championship season for the Spurs. Their stars are old and the short, compressed schedule was not going to favor them. However, they still have Coach Popovich, the NBA Coach of the year this year.  He helped to integrate rookies, new players to the team, castoffs, players acquired in trades, and their veteran stars into the deepest team in the league.  After sweeping the Jazz, they move on to the Western Conference Semifinals to play either the L.A. Clippers or the Memphis Grizzlies. I have hope that this year might bring the Spurs a fifth title.  GO, SPURS, GO!

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