Share Your World – Week 25


May 28, 2012 by Stephen

Here are the four Share Your World questions from Cee for this week.    Click the Share Your World link if you want to join in and play along.

  1. What’s my favorite holiday and why? My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the Advent season and the celebrations that we have at church. I especially love Christmas because we usually get to go home to Texas and get to see all our family.
  2. Do you prefer your food separated or mixed together? I can do either, but I especially like to mix my rice with whatever else we’re having. For example, I like to cover my enchiladas with Spanish rice. I also enjoy soups and casseroles. I think the fact that I do not mind mixing my foods is somewhat remarkable considering that my dad usually only eats one dish at a time.
  3. Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? I have done that on occasion, depending on the type of call. Growing up, calling girls (and later women) scared me to death, so I would definitely rehearse my calls then. (It usually didn’t help.) 
  4. When you are with your friends, do your interactions include much touching—for example, hugging, kissing, rough housing, rubbing backs?   Would you like to have more of this? With friends, I do tend to be comfortable with touching, mainly hugging. Kissing and rubbing backs is limited to my best friend – my wife! Rough housing is usually limited to family. Part of my comfort with touching may come from being a pastor. I have a tendency to touch people on their arms or shoulders as a comforting gesture. And of course, I’m always shaking hands and receiving hugs from church members. I think I do pretty well with cues about knowing who does and doesn’t want to be touched. I’m comfortable with the way things are with my friends, so I’d say I don’t need more.

3 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week 25

  1. Of all the people answering these questions I see that the last one puts you in a unique postion. Having to learn those cues and body language of others is a gift.
    I appreciate hearing this from you, a different world than that I know. My experience with Clegy has always been wonderfully positive. I am of the belief that touching is healing factor in life. That comforting gentle pat on the shoulder, or resting a hand on anothers for just a second; are in my mind and heart vessels for God’s amazing, all healing, love to shine through. If it comes from a loving place it brings nothing but love & His energy.

    Wow, sorry.
    Meant to say I enjoy your answers. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    I like that you can read people on how much touch they want/need…truly a gift and on top of being skilled at it too. A touch on the shoulder or arm can mean a lot to a person.

    I loved your answers to the phone call!! Made me laugh. Thanks!!!

  3. jelillie says:

    Loved your answers especially number four!

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