What’s So Special About December 5th?


December 5, 2007 by Stephen

I haven’t been able to write for awhile now. I had things I wanted to write about, but just didn’t feel like I could get them down in words. I probably should have just written anyway because I do really want to write more regularly and that means I should probably write even when the words don’t come so easily.

Today is December 5th, a very important day in my life. Why is it important? Let me tell you a story.

On December 5, 1998, I had a very busy day. First, Randa (who was my girlfriend at the time) and I went to a brunch hosted at the home of my pastor at Bellmead FBC. His wife was a wonderful hostess and everyone had an enjoyable time. After the brunch, we headed to the library at Baylor so I could work on a seminary project. After that it was off to the Waco Zoo for a date with Randa. The zoo is where we went as a part of our first official date. (Our first date was a blind lunch date at Applebee’s in Waco with mutual friends, but it was more like an extended introduction.) We had to rush our time at the zoo because the zoo was going to be closing soon. When we got to the bench in front of the elephants we sat down. It was at that moment that I proposed to Randa. And she said ‘yes’! Randa knew something was up, mainly because we rushed to get to that particular bench. Why there? Because elephants are my favorite zoo animal. I was nervous (even though we both pretty much knew we were going to be married some day) and was actually having trouble getting the ring out of my pocket. I had a zoo map in my hand and it blew out of my hand. That was the moment I needed. I retrieved the map and in the process of doing so was able to get the ring out of my pocket. When I returned to the bench I handed Randa the map and when she took it there was the ring and those immortal words, “Randa, will you marry me?” After she said yes, there was some kissing and some picture taking. When we got to my house, we called our families. Of course, nobody was home. Don’t you just love having great news to share, but no one to share it with (we wanted family to know first)!?! To pass the time we watched the end of the Big 12 Championship Game in which my Texas A&M Aggies defeated #1 Kansas State for the title. Gig ‘Em Aggies! We finally got in touch with family and shared our news with them and then our friends. What a great day! The rest of course is history and today I celebrate the 9th anniversary of the day I proposed to my lovely wife!

4 thoughts on “What’s So Special About December 5th?

  1. Josh says:

    congrats Stephen…have a fun day of celebration…great to see you writing again!

  2. Todd says:

    thanks for sharing the story, Stephen!

  3. […] partner in parenting (and so much more)!  It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years since we sat on that bench at the Waco Zoo and agreed to live the rest of our lives together.  I LOVE YOU!  […]

  4. […] my marriage proposal.  It was taken on December 5, 1998, at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas.  You can read the story about that day here.  The second picture is of Randa and her mom at her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary last […]

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