Loose Ends and Other Minutiae


December 7, 2007 by Stephen

Randa and I enjoyed a date night last Saturday at Convergence. We attended Harp 46‘s Sanctuarium CD release concert. There was also some amazing art from Nancy Lynch on display as well. We got to hang out with some friends, see some cool art, and listen to great music. What an awesome night! Buy the CD here! Here’s some pictures I stole from Todd’s blog. The first one is Harp 46. The second one is the audience. if you look real close, you can see me on the far right side of the picture. Unfortunately, Randa sat to my left and didn’t make the picture.

Josh’s wife transcends cool and apparently Josh doesn’t come close, unless he gets a Mac.

Why, you might ask, is there a picture of an Advent wreath with all the candles lit? Our Faith Builders children and I just concluded our Advent Study this past Wednesday night. Because of our church’s Wednesday night schedule, we had to begin our study back in November and conclude it just as we, as a church, are participating in Advent on Sunday mornings. It was interesting to do it this way, but I think it may help make the Advent season more memorable and meaningful to us because of our participation in the study. You can see our focus words for the study on the board. I pray that the season of Advent is a reminder to you and me of God’s wonderful heart of love towards us.

Some fall pictures. The first is from our church. The second is in our front yard. The final fall picture is the view from our back porch. Driving on Old Keene Mill Road is best done in the fall – God has an amazing paintbrush!


SNOW! The first snow of the season occurred on Wednesday, December 5. What is it about snowing on Wednesdays and Sundays? Interesting tidbit from the weatherman – it has snowed in the greater D.C. area on December 5 in four of the past six years. The first two pictures are of our church’s courtyard. The final picture is a night picture (of not so great quality) of our front yard.

One detail not explained in the story in my last post was why I chose to propose on December 5. After all, it was a busy day. Looking ahead on the calendar to June 5, 1999 reveals that six months separated the day we got engaged until the day we got married. Seemed like good symmetry at the time!

There was a great post by Steve Argue a few weeks ago on the Intersect Community‘s AlreadyNotYet blog. It deals with life after conferences. I think it is partially the reason why I haven’t blogged my thoughts/reactions to the NYWC yet – I’m still reflecting. Check it out and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Marko had a great post right after Thanksgiving that linked to an article in the New York Magazine that discussed the effect lack of sleep has on children/teens and their cognitive abilities. It’s worth the read.

Chuck Norris Approved! This is just too fun!

There are other (serious) videos of Chuck Norris and Mike Huckabee that can be found on Huckabee’s website.

Here’s another cool video I’ve wanted to post, but just didn’t get around to until now. Enjoy!

One thought on “Loose Ends and Other Minutiae

  1. Josh says:

    Stephen, the chuck norris add was right under my nose the whole time. sorry i missed it before. i love it.

    hope you are having a good weekend man…and thanks for the shout out.

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