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December 12, 2007 by Stephen

Some good reading if you have the time…

Merriam-Webster picks its 2007 Word of the Year. So, what does ‘w00t’ mean?

Tim Challies has a great post about blogging. It deals with new or prospective bloggers, but we can all benefit from the tips he shares.

After the shootings in Colorado, I read several posts about safety at church. Andrew Zirschky offers the best one; it touches on church safety in general and then offers ten tips specifically for youth ministry.

After recently reading about and hearing first-hand reports of how good Phyllis Tickle was at the NYWC in Atlanta, I came across a link to this post over at Out of Ur. The post is an interview with Tickle and is titled “The Future of the Emerging Church.” The subtitle is “Are we experiencing the next Reformation of Christianity?” HT: Christine A. Scheller

Scot McKnight had a few posts that really caught my eye. One was about the EGens (emergent adulthood) and the other was a link to what he says may be “the best piece I’ve seen all year long on the Internet.” If you’ve ever read anything on Scot’s blog, that title just begs for a click.

Jonny Baker links to some Advent movies that you can download for free.

Lilly Lewin has a great post about waiting and an Advent service she curated.

Carol Howard Merritt has a interesting post about the flags in church and the whole God vs. country debate. I immediately thought of two of my friends when I read it – Terry Goodnight and Josh Hayden.

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