Nats Update – Part Two

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May 24, 2009 by Stephen

‘Mini-season’ number two is in the books and the Nats have only slightly improved their play.  They finished the second segment of games with a 7-11 record, three games better than the first.  Ryan Zimmerman saw his hitting streak end at 30 games, but he’s reached base safely in 42 straight games.  Adam Dunn keeps proving that he was a good signing.  The young starting pitchers are showing talent.  Progress is being made, but they (still) are struggling mightily with their defense and their relief pitching.  The season is long and they should get better as the season progresses.  They have lots of young talent, but with young talent you must have patience.  And that is not a word that is understood in these parts.  The fans are staying away (although the stadium was about 3/4 full instead of 1/2 full for the series with Baltimore).  I think the Nats will be a good team in a few years (at least by 2011).  At least for now, they are an exciting team to watch.  They may not win many games, but they sure make things interesting (or frustrating, depending on your point of view).  I’m looking forward to June 19.  That’s when 25 of us from the church are going to see the Nats play against the Blue Jays.  Last year I saw the Nats beat the Rangers and the Pirates.  I hope they keep their undefeated record in the new stadium when I’m present intact.  Here’s hoping!

Mini-season 1: 4-14

Mini-season 2: 7-11

Season Total: 13-30

Projected season record: 48-114 (would be a record number of losses for a Washington team)

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