Portable Faith and My New Soccer Team


May 29, 2009 by Stephen

This weekend, I’ll be leading a mini-retreat with my good friend Josh‘s youth group.  It should be lots of fun to hang out again with Josh and his group.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how the idea of portable faith practices goes over with his students.  I’ll blog more about it after it’s over.  For now, to give an idea of how fun it should be, here’s a picture of the T-shirt:

Portable Faith

Yes, that’s a port-o-potty on a T-shirt!  


Earlier this month, I attended the Summer Youth Ministry Conference sponsored by the Virginia Baptist Mission Board.  While there, I met a guy from England named Dennis Pethers.  He was one of the conference presenters.  He hung out late into the night with a group of us talking about soccer and theology.  It was a good night.  Dennis is a supporter of Everton.  I’ve never really followed any one English club, although I did follow Reading pretty closely until they were relegated.  I’ve mostly just followed some players and enjoyed the great soccer.  After meeting Dennis, I’ve decided to start following Everton.  After seeing their shirts, I know I’ve made the right choice.


Everton takes on Chelsea tomorrow in the final of the FA Cup, the world’s oldest domestic football cup competition.  Go Toffees!

One thought on “Portable Faith and My New Soccer Team

  1. faithsowers says:

    It was a great night with Pethers my friend. I agree. I’m really inspired by some of the ministry you and Josh have been doing. Keep it up friend. tom

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