Field Trip Memories

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April 23, 2012 by Stephen

My middle daughter, Allison, went on a field trip to the National Zoo last Friday.  This was her second field trip to the zoo.  I went on the first one when she was in Kindergarten.  Neither I, nor my wife, was able to go this time.  But, it did remind me of the field trip I went on with her last year: a trip to the U.S. Capitol.  We had a fun day.  It was a little crazy – it was also the National Day of Prayer, so there was a lot of activity around the Capitol that day, including the chance for me to explain why there was a man dressed as Jesus standing around on the sidewalk on the Capitol grounds.  (You gotta love Washington, D.C.!)  We took a guided tour, which included a short film explaining the journey our nation endured in establishing a representative democracy.  The tour was great, except the guide did not speak loudly enough and therefore the kids lost interest at several points.  However, we did learn a lot and the Capitol building is beautiful.  All in all, it ended up being a pretty good day spent with my daughter!  Enjoy the pictures!

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