Day After Heartbreak – San Antonio Spurs

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June 7, 2012 by Stephen

The Spurs are one of my favorite sports teams. I have followed them since I was a kid living in Texas. I remember watching games against the Magic-Kareem Lakers in the HemisFair Arena, watching games at the Alamodome (saw one with Randa a few days before the birth of our first child), and watching games at the AT&T Center. Randa and I have watched the Spurs here in D.C. In fact, one of the reasons I like the Spurs so much is because basketball is something that Randa and I enjoy watching together. I also love the way the Spurs organization is run. They have good people, they do things the right way, and they represent San Antonio and their fans as well as any sports team. No matter what is going on, you can always be proud to be a Spurs fan – even when they lose. Last night, the Spurs lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder. That was their fourth loss in a row – as a result they lost the Western Conference finals 4-2. The amazing thing is that the four losses followed 20 consecutive wins. It looked like the Spurs were on their way to the title, but they ended up running into a younger, more athletic version of themselves. It’s not a coincidence that the Thunder organization is modeled after the Spurs. They, too, do things the right way. And, they have star players (especially Kevin Durant, the best player in the NBA right now) that do things the right way, too. It hurts that the Spurs lost. I’m glad that the team that beat them is a good team like OKC. The Spurs need another player or two, especially an athletic defender. Their window with Duncan-Parker-Ginobili is closing fast – maybe a year or two left. I hope the Spurs and OKC meet again next year in the Western Conference finals. GO, SPURS, GO!

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